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Success: A new process will be developed Wednesday, December 7 in Room 81

After talking with very reasonable administrators, we have come to an agreement that a new process will be developed based on the collective ideas of G.O. officers, Class Officers, and Yearbook Officers. Although the student body will still ultimately vote online to avoid inaccuracy, we now have control over the nomination process. Again, the administrators were very open to our ideas and I think we should all personally thank them for that. They're working with us to make our senior year unforgettable. If you want to be a part of the meeting and you're not on any of the offices listed above, please join us after school on Wednesday, December 7 in Room 81. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

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MHS Senior Superlatives: No Signature Nominations
I just signed the following petition addressed to: MHS Senior Superlatives: No Signature Nominations
Change Back to Original Method

Senior Superlatives are meant to be recognized years from their initial publication in the yearbook. Hopefully, twenty years from now everyone will look back at the MHS yearbook and reflect on what high school life was like and who were the "High School Sweethearts" or "Class Clowns." But with the current nomination process for high school superlatives our yearbooks are in danger of not correctly representing those who earn their respective superlatives. People earn superlatives through their everyday interaction at high school as observed by their peers. That's the key: superlatives are based on how other people observe you, not how you observe yourself. Currently, nominees have to ask for signatures for either their own nomination or a friend's nomination, but requiring 10 signatures for each nominee is timely and will not result in the best nomination choices. All the officers agree that we are willing to spend all night counting votes accurately if we revert back to the original method which has been instated for countless years. That is that everyone gets a sheet with all the superlatives listed, everyone writes down the student they think deserves each award, government officers count how many votes each person got, the top 5 for each category are sent to the finals, and everyone votes for 1 of the 5 as the winner in homeroom. This process forces everyone to vote and represents the entire school population; however, the new process is in danger of a non-response bias, allowing only the people who log into School Island at home to vote. Sign the petition to change the process back to the original method and hopefully we will all be able to look back 20 years from now and see who truly earned their superlatives.


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