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To be allowed to have dogs in flat In MHS property's

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The problem we have within Medway with MHS homes is that they are not allowing some flats to keep dogs with in their properties but they are allowing other flats to keep dogs and I believe this to be unfair because if some people can have dogs why cant the rest of Medway on their pet policy on their website it says "Things you need to know if you want to keep a pet
If you want to have a pet, you'll need to ask us first
If you live in a flat, you can't normally have a dog, unless the flat has direct access to a private garden" The animals they are allowing to be in there properties are as following:

Most cats and dogs (but not all dogs, see the ones that aren't allowed in the next list) Small animals such as rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs, Small birds, Fish Guide dogs (as covered by the Disability Discrimination Act 2005)

These are the animal we are not allowed to keep 

Pit Bull Terriers, Japanese Tosa , Fila Brasileiro, Dogo ArgentinoIt's ,Certain types of poisonous snakes, spiders, primates and monkeys, Any type of bird of prey such as kestrel, owl, or buzzard 

Now the problem is that if we can have a cat within flats then why not a dog if you agree sign this petition and lets make them all revise it 

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