NEP given less importance to LIBRARIES AND LIBRARY STAFF

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Bharat Chaudhari
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support.  As policy guideline, there are only two statements on libraries:

- “Expansion of school and public libraries and building a culture of
reading and communication” (p68)’

- “Enhancing access to libraries and online journals” (p241) – This policy
statement in particular suggests setting up a mechanism to enable the
Government to be the  single buyer for online access to journals for all
public institutions to replace the present practice of funding premier
institutions for subscriptions to journals.

The treatment given to library is more of a “such as” facility.

In October 2017, the committee  set up for developing the new NEP 2019 had
arranged a meeting of a few librarians in NAAC, Bangalore.  This group of
librarians had given a  set of thirteen policy recommendations. None of
these recommendations is found as specific policy statement in the NEP 2019
draft report which is surprising.

I consider it important that the LIS groups initiate quick debate on NEP
2019 (draft)  and its implications on the future of libraries in the
country if accepted without according adequate and appropriate focus on
library as an integral part of and yet distinct role player in education.

Must give more importance to  libraries and library staff