Termination of Academic staff from private universities amid Corona pandemic #SaveFaculty

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In the time of crisis, due to Corona pandemic, the Indian government is helping and taking care of all the citizens. The government instructed all the institutions to take care of their employees by giving them a timely salary and providing job security.

But taking advantage of lockdown due to Corona pandemic, VIT Bhopal university which is an institute of repute had terminated and relieved their many faculties (Academic staff including teaching fellow, assistant professors, associate professors) by 31st March 2020 (before the end of the academic semester which was earlier 18th April 2020). Salaries are also deducted in name of the no-dues settlement for getting the relieving letter and original documents (degree certificates). They have done this to save money.

This is unethical from the point of view of employees whose families depend on them. In this lockdown period, they can not join or go for interviews to get a job. How are they going to pay for rent, fees of kids, medical and other expenses? 

This is just one example. There are many private universities across India practising the same during this COVID-19 pandemic. The government should protect these nation builders.