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Include an introductory course on Logic in high school curriculum.

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It is evident from various social media discussions, televised debates and discussions on various other platforms that a large section of well educated Indians fail to grasp the Basics of logical arguments. A large portion of otherwise well educated people resort to logical fallacies like Ad Hominem attacks, Tu Quoque, Red herring, Straw man Fallacies and a host of other fallacies to win arguments.

Arguments and discussions are are crucial for the healthy functioning of a democratic society. The students studying in schools today will be tomorrow's decision makers. Hence, the importance of imparting them with the necessary skills to spot logical fallacies in political speeches and to make sound arguments cannot be overemphasized.
Unfortunately, a course aimed at introducing the basics of logic and arguments is currently not a part of the school curriculum and only the people who study philosophy in college or take up the initiative to learn on their own are exposed to the art of logical debates. 

Thus, an introductory course on logical arguments will go a long way in promoting proper dialogue and informed decision making. 


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