IIT M.tech fee hike

IIT M.tech fee hike

2 October 2019
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Ramesh Pokhriyal (MHRD) and 2 others
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Started by Manjeet Lather

Hike in M.Tech fee
Making a hike in M.Tech fee by IITs and on top of it stopping the scholarship/stipend by MHRD is totally an illogical thing .
IITs should understand that by doing this
1. They will not be able to stop the drop out rate : as the person who gets a higher opportunity let’s say if it’s PSU then 2Lakh rupees will be not an issue for him /her to pay , they will pay and still join PSU. So at the last drop out ratio will remain same . Understand that this is not USA but India , cannot apply rules of USA in INDIA.
2. In India 90% talented aspirants is from weaker section of the society , by increasing the fee to such great extents , talented aspirants will not get a chance to study and hence in turn this will effect the stand of India on education and research fields. India has a good reputation and name in field of education by doing this when 90% of the talent is not taking part then what research will be achieved ?
3. Rich dad’s kid will take admission paying such a huge fees , but what’s the guarantee they will not drop out ? As the dad has money , he can very well ignore this 2Lakh if his son/daughter gets a better opportunity than IIT.

Here is one probable solution.


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Signatures: 49Next Goal: 50
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