Urgent Education System Reforms

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India is in a way the youngest nation with the oldest civilization but one barrier to our development is the age old education system where your numbers are more important than your knowledge. In a globalised world, I don't see any prospect for your good marks but I see opportunities for those with great skills and talents. In our nation the education system loosely depends on how much can you remember. The key to success in our education system is rote learning. The aspirations and dreams of our youth are different from just getting good marks in examinations many of them want to be artists sports persons news anchors painters and dances but our education system limits their aspirations to just engineering or being a doctor. Practical implementation of our knowledge is absent in our education system we are just been given the theories and no practical usage of that theory in real life.We humbly request the authorities and our government to kindly look into the matter because the education system has been repeatedly ignored by the present government unfortunately.  It is injustice which 600 million youngsters in our nation who are currently part of the education system directly or indirectly. Government must provide a platform for various talents and they must start shaping the aspiration of individuals. education authorities must introduce practical classes in colleges and schools also they must make humanity's most sensible the must introduce new concepts in our history books,i a political science books, in our psychology books, they must target making commerce stream more market viable.