Announce the start of Academic Session

Announce the start of Academic Session

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Without any guidelines for the start of Academic Session, students are all frustrated. Faculties find it difficult to earn their daily bread. Rentals are mounting and educational institutions are announcing the closure. Before things go out of hand and faculties start to commit suicides and students go into Depression, we request all Governments to announce the start of the academic calendar. 

Why is it important to announce Academic Calendar?

1) Education has come to stall for close to 6 months now. From the time that the lockdown has been announced on March 20th, little or no directions were given as to effective functioning of educational institutions. This has put immense pressure on all stakeholders vis-a-vis Students, Parents, Teachers and institutions.
2) Online classes (though not officially taken up) has put some effort in taking classrooms to home, however with no clarity on the Academic sessions as to whether the exams would be there and whether this academic year would be completely lost and become a zero year have put doubts in everyone’s mind and hurdles the participation in the online classes.
3) With no peer connect students go through a lot of emotional pressure and may even lead to depression. While slightly older boys in the group can be seen aimlessly wandering on the streets, most students have stuck to their homes for more than 5months now.
4) Faculty exhausted their little saving of life on feeding themselves and are now finding it difficult to earn their living now. It is observed that some of them are now into doing menial jobs like selling vegetables or offering errands.
5) With mounting rental expenses some institutions have announced closure and many are on the verge of bankruptcy. 
6) Parents having no clue as to how this would affect the future of their children are under great stress. It is an everyday scenario in India homes that arguments, little fights have become a common norm.
7) Fear of the virus is surprisingly now looking smaller than the fear of the aftermath.
8) Placements, entrances for professional courses have all been postponed by a considerable time. If allowed for a few more months there would be a surge with two batches looking up for things simultaneously and we have no infrastructure to manage this unprecedented surge. This will lead to unemployment, frustrations and damage the entire nation.
9) The damages caused would take a generation to repair.
10) Psychosocial studies across the globe fear that the kids may consider themselves as the lost generation. Keeping this in mind, Globally Norway, Denmark,  Poland and France have reopened schools. Most other countries such as the US have announced plans to restart academic activity in some form or the other.

In this light, we request all the authorities to quickly announce an academic calendar. Till the virus wave passes it can be a blend of Online and Offline where students hear to their classes from home but come to institutions to get some counselling, meet their peers and teachers and spend some time outside their homes not feeling claustrophobic. This will start to ease the pressure on the educational ecosystem and would protect the interest of all stakeholders.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!