Academic Justice for Lokenath

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I would like to introduce one of our senior Lokenath Kundu. He is a Ph.D. student at IISER Bhopal since 2016. He was a CSIR fellow and he ranked 44 in NET. He passed all the necessary course work, written comprehensive, oral comprehensive, graduate seminar, SRF each and every exam successfully. He was pursuing his PH.D. under the supervision of Dr. Romie Banarjee. He was doing well under his supervision. Suddenly in July 2019, he came to know that Dr. Romie Banarjee quit his job and he received a NOC certificate from IISER Bhopal. 
It was unfortunate that Dr. Banarjee received NOC in spite of having two PH.D. students and they were working under the supervision of Dr. Banarjee for long three years. After the very unfortunate incident, the Mathematics department of IISER Bhopal advised Lokenath da to change his subject area from algebraic topology to group theory and work under Dr. Siddartha Sarkar.    Dr. Sarkar had very high expectations. As a newcomer, Lokenath da took little extra time. This disappoints Dr. Sarkar and he gave XX to Lokenath da within five months assessment.  After that, the relationship became more bitter. Lokenath da tried a couple of times to talk to Dr. Sarkar but somehow that has not happened.  In the meantime, Lokenath da became so depressed and mentally imbalanced due to the rude behavior of Dr. Sarkar. Even though Lokenath da shared with us a few incidents where Dr. Sarkar did not miss a single occasion to demotivate and demoralize him. 
Due to the pandemic, Lokenath da returned to his home. At that, he tried to continue his research work on his own as his supervisor did not support him.  To overcome the depression and to get back to normal life, Lokenath da consulted with the counselor Dr. Sheereen Khan Bajpai many times.  

After returning from home, he was advised to give Graduate seminar II. He went to his supervisor and as per suggestions, he made some slides. He sent those slides to Dr. Sarkar four days prior to the Graduate Seminar via mail. Dr. Sarkar gave him no reply. He thought that the slides were okay. Almost one week after the Graduate seminar Lokenath da declared fail and the reason was given to him that his slides did not contain the motivation part, slides contain long proof, etc. The behavior of Dr. Sarkar as a supervisor towards Lokenath da never professional.  He urged for a change of supervisor to HOD Mathematics, DEAN Madam, successively. Dean Madam suggested him find a guide from the department. He discussed his situation with a few faculty members but no one was ready to take responsibility. Finding no solution he requested a meeting with the Director sir. Director sir suggested Lokenath da quit mathematics and find some job in private companies. After so many requests to the Director sir, It was decided that I had to give an interview in the presence of Dr. Dependra Prasad, Dr. Akhil Ranjan. After the interview, Lokenath da asked to find a supervisor from the Department of Mathematics on or before 12/01/2021, otherwise, he will face termination from Ph.D. He again talked to a few faculty members and everyone was not agreed to take him as a student.

 A few days ago he met with our respected Deputy Director sir and explained each and every detail. But The deputy director told him that his basic is not good enough, his behavior is not appropriate towards his supervisor. 

At the end of four and a half years if Lokenath da faces termination on the basis of lack of basic knowledge, then how he qualified all the course work exam, all the other exams.  

I think if Lokenath da faces termination then it will be an injustice to him.
In the recent semester Dr. Sarkar gave him another XXX. As per rule book if any student get 8X then he has to leave IIser Bhopal. He went to respected deputy director. But everyone just suggested him to go back and work with Dr. Sarkar. No one try to understand how much mental pain Lokenath da was tolerating. As much as I know he cant misbehave with anyone. On 14 th January Lokenath da forcefully submitted his resignation. It was injustice to Lokenath da. Also he was a victim of academic politics. Please help Lokenath da.