Allow beach access to dogs in Gibraltar 1st October to 1st June & after 9pm all year

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* Will mean less dogs walked in crowded public places (e.g. town).

* Less need for government investment in dog parks in Gibraltar.

* Dogs get better exercise and therefore less likely to display anti-social behaviour whilst at home (e.g. barking).

* Could encourage more dog-ownership, with benefits to people leading to indirect savings for the health service.  Dog owners gain from:

> Improvement in heart health and overall fitness - weight loss

> Less stress, depression and allergies

> Reduction in disease and injury and overall visits to the doctor.

All the above health benefits mean less demands on the Gibraltar Health Authority.  Remember: over one third of children in Gibraltar are obese and 3 out of 5 adults are over-weight or obese.  Dog ownership can help improve these worrying statistics.  


 * Beaches are little occupied from 1st June to 1st October and after 9pm during the Summer months.

* Clear lines of demarcation showing where dogs can be unleashed.

* Easy to clean poop and numerous litter bins.


* Dog owners recognise the beach as a public place for all to enjoy and view it as a privilege to use the beach for dog walking.  Dog owners will always act responsibly and clear up mess to ensure that beaches are in a good state for all to enjoy.