Keep 2 school nurses in Mother Lode school district

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Mother Lode School district is downsizing nurses when they are needed the most. We have 3 diabetic students in the district that need care. Not to mention the daily health needs of children attending the schools. This is the letter I wrote to the school board concerning the nurse situation. 

Dear Mother Lode Union School District Board of Trustees,


I come here today representing the parents in the Mother Lode school district. My husband and I currently have three children attending Indian Creek Elementary and one future student. We are often on campus and care tremendously about the school, teachers, and staff members at Indian Creek. It has come to our attention that on Friday March 2, 2018, Nurse Carla Kramps who has served the children, teachers, and families of the Mother Lode School District for six years, was laid off and will no longer be employed after the close of the 2017-2018 school year.  As a parent of a child with type one diabetes, I know firsthand that Nurse Carla is irreplaceable. She is a vital part of the school culture and is a key component in what makes this district great.


I would like to bring to your attention three key points. First, Nurse Carla knows these children, their personalities, their family history and where they come from. She has relationships with them built on trust and love. No amount of money is worth replacing that. She could have moved on to another higher paid position long ago, but instead, has chosen to dedicate her time and efforts to work in the community that she loves, and to share her talents and compassion with the children of the Mother Lode School District. Second, she is dedicated to take care of every child.  One of the children is my ten year old daughter who has type one diabetes. My daughter has worked closely with Carla every school day for the past five years. American Diabetes Association states: “Federal law gives students the right to receive the diabetes care they need to be safe and participate in school activities just like any other child. Schools should provide the following:

·         Trained staff to monitor blood glucose levels and administer insulin and glucagon

·         Trained staff to provide diabetes care during field trips, extracurricular events and all

          school-sponsored activities”

My daughter, Baily, has a 504 plan in place. This means that as a district you are legally bound to have a trained staff member on campus the entire school day. If there is only one trained nurse and two schools you will not be complying with the law. Next year another child with type one diabetes will begin at Indian Creek and there will be two type one diabetic students at Herbert Green.  The third point I would like to make refers to the Mother Lode School Districts own mission statement. It states, “We strive to nurture a partnership with student, staff, parent and the community.” Nurse Carla is of utmost importance in making this happen. Her longevity in the district and dedication to every child speaks volumes about her character and is evident in all that she does.

Our children are our most valuable possession. We trust you enough to hand them over to you each day to be in your care. Carla exemplifies all that a nurse, a friend, and an employee should be.  She takes care of our children when we can’t be there. Broken bones, cuts on the playground, asthma attacks, bee stings, bloody noses, vomiting, fever, whatever is needed - Nurse Carla is there. She has been a valued asset of the school district for many years and has given her love and kindness, always going above and beyond her job description. She is the link between the students and parents and often students and teachers. We ask you to look at this from the point of view of a parent with a child who has a potentially life threatening disease. Please find another way to cut district spending so that Nurse Carla can stay.  Don’t put our children at risk to save a few dollars.

Nurse Carla is loved and valued by students, parents, and staff members. She knows the children and is dedicated to take care of them. She exemplifies all that is positive and good as she nurtures the relationship between students, parents and the community. We ask that you please reassess the needs of all students in the Mother Lode School District and reconsider Nurse Carla’s termination.  I encourage you to learn the facts and to do what is in the best interest of our children and keep Nurse Carla.



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