Revive the Stargate Franchise

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SAVE THE GATE! One of the Top Science Fiction TV franchises of all time, Stargate has been off the air now for nearly 10 years. The fandom is ready for a new Stargate series! The successful return of Star Trek and Doctor Who as well as the success of TV shows like The Orville and The Expanse are proof that Stargate can be successful on any one of today's streaming services.

Hollywood is less than certain that Stargate fans would support the high cost of a quality TV show and as a result will not commit to bringing the show back in a new form. By signing this petition, you are saying you would commit to supporting Stargate by paying a subscription to any streaming service willing to help create a new show.

It is up to us to convince executives at MGM and potential studio and streaming partners that creating a new show will have very little financial risk because the fandom is financially, emotionally and socially ready to support any new project that holds true to the canon of the franchise while harnessing the talent of show creator Brad Wright and to bring a new version of the show to today's audiences.

The Science Fiction community needs rich and diverse platforms to continue the success of the genre. Stargate represents tradition and success in Science Fiction and should be one of the flagship shows trailblazing a path into our new streaming age.