Stolen Identity

Stolen Identity

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Started by Jasmine Little

A prenote: If you are trying to donate to Amina, do not do it through because the money  they ask to be donated is not for her or her cause.

LOL Suprise has used the likeness of a black creator without her knowledge or any type of payment. Amina Mucciolo shared photos of herself that they used to design the doll from November 2018 to February 2019. The company hired her as a guest for an interior design show in April 2019. After that, they released the Rainbow Raver doll in July of the same year.

Once she found out about the situation, she tried to contact them and their parent company through every available channel. She has been ignored.

It is a known phenomenon of businesses stealing and profiting off of black creatives. We cannot allow this anymore, and one by one we need to tackle all similar cases black and poc people are struggling with. Please join me in holding MGA Entertainment (the parent company) and LOL Suprise accountable; and letting them know we will not stand for what they have done to Amina Mucciolo.

She should be paid for the use of her likeness. MGA Entertainment needs to meet with her and negotiate how much she will be paid for stealing her image.

16,938 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!