Make Bikeathon overnight

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Crescent Heights High School's (CHHS) Bikeathon Century Ride plays an important role in the Calgary community. Bikeathon not only supports the Alberta Children's Hospital, it brings together students from various ages and ethnicities to work towards a good cause. CHHS hosted Bikeathon overnight last year, and not only did it keep a positive and friendly atmosphere throughout the entirety of the event, it showed the extra effort that CHHS students were willing to put in for this event.

For many people who are attending this event, it is their last year to come together as students of a respectable high school by not only raising money, but by biking.

Almost all participants of this event looked forward to attending this event overnight, and it is a disappointment that the principal of Crescent Heights High School chose to go against the wishes of the students, despite having 48 supervisors, surpassing their required 10:1 ratio.