Change MFAC's Hair policy for males

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The current MFAC hair policy has recently been brought to a attention to a portion of the flinders community and has raised issues within regard of fairness, functionality and most importantly equality. The current hair policy has multiple flaws based on general societal views and goes against the definition of ‘equality’.

 Matthew Flinders Anglican College, a school which prides itself on being a premier education facility not just on the Sunshine Coast, but the Queensland State, has a respectable reputation for keeping up with changing times, keeping the community and most importantly the students happy and pleased with the college. But recently in the Flinders community there has been talk among the rationality of the flinders hair policy (apparently determined by the ‘Flinders Community’), with claims the policy goes against the AHRC’s (AUSTRALIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION) international obligations (refer to figure 2)… Being “laws, policies and programs should not be discriminatory” & “laws, policies and programs should promote equality.” After reading over the Colleges hair policy, it is not hard to see that one would be correct by saying the MFAC policy is Sexist and goes against the AHRC’s international obligations and also the definition of equality (refer to figure 1).

Although it is not just the sexist policy on which the community is concerned over, it is also the utter disregard for the pupils education on which the college claims to care so much for. Students being threatened to be suspended, and taken out of class over their appearance is not a good look for the college and is a real eye opener into the true ambitions of the college and what the college really values. By 2018, a year where equality is supposed to be internationally recognised and respected, a  year where 61.6% of Australia voted in favour of quality within same sex marriage, you would have thought a sexist policy in such a high achieving school such as MFAC would be long gone…

 Another problem many have with this obviously controversial topic is the mental health side of things. The school claims to be pro positive mental health as on there is a mental health portal which takes a user to a range of apps and websites which anyone may access. But as students we have witnessed how students act/react to being controlled to look a certain way then being put down / bullied because of it. Many students already have enough insecurities as a teenager, and controlling them to look a certain way for no reward is selfish behaviour as a college. There will always be bulling, whether the college chooses to accept it or tries to hide it under the carpet, there is no doubt in any of our minds that bullying is apparent in our school.

The community has been questioning this policy for some time, but it seems as the P&F nor the staff at the college will do anything about it, us as the students of the college have decided to gather some initiative and take the situation into our own hands. A group of grade 11 & 12’s have together constructed a revised policy which we believe is functional and non-sexist while still providing a high reputation for the schools image.



REVISED female & male hair policy

Hair - The Flinders community has determined that the following guidelines for the length and style of male and female students’ hair are appropriate.

 • All students’ hair must be kept neat and in an appropriate conventional style as determined by the Principal, Deputy Principal, Heads of Senior Secondary or Middle Schools. Hair must be a natural colour and must be kept off the face and above or off the collar at all times.

 • For male students, hair worn in a short style must be kept neat and all times and off the face and above the collar and hair worn in a longer style must be tied or kept up and back off the face and collar. Elastics must be in a neutral colour similar to the colour of the student’s own hair. The minimum allowed clipper length is No. 3. Boys must be clean shaven. Sideburns may only extend to half way down the ear.

 •  For female students,. Elastics must be in a neutral colour similar to the colour of the student’s own hair. The minimum allowed clipper length is No. 3. It is preferred that ribbons or scrunchies, in the College colours, be worn to cover elastics. Matching hair accessories including clips or headbands may be worn. All hair accessories must be in the College colours of white, navy, jade or tartan (in winter) and can be purchased from the Flinders Shop.