Let Students Go Back to China

Let Students Go Back to China

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Started by Insane Killer

Well, I don't know whether it will be useful for International Students or not.

We (International Students) Are suffered for the last 2 years by the Chinese gov.

China has closed their doors for international students since March 2020. We know that Covid 19 Spread fast at that time and closing the borders was needed at that time. Now covid is still there but life is running normally by precautions (except for international Students) Who are stranded Outside China for the Last 24 Months . 

To write this petition the main Cause and Goal for this is to Let the Chinese gov eye on this matter and other related ministries solve this matter As soon as possible. Because Students have a Future, they have a dream to be successful and build a career. 

We are fully aware of Covid 19 and we are fully ready to cooperate with Chinese authorities to Abide by all the precautionary measures and Ready to quarantine as many days as the Chinese gov wants. 

So, in the end, we request all the concerned Departments, ministries of other countries to look into this matter and allow us back to China for our remaining studies. before it is late.





Education is Necessary

International Students

Allow Us Back To China



27 have signed. Let’s get to 50!