Save The Axolotls!

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Share on social media for extra help! In 2009 scientists reported that the population of one of the world's most

bizarre creatures has dropped by 90 percent over the previous four years. Flash forward four more years and it now appears that Mexico's "water monster" is approaching extinction in the wild.Species name: Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum), also known as the "water monster" and "Mexican walking fish." These unusual salamanders never undergo metamorphosis and stay in a larval form their entire lives.

Where found: A new study found no evidence that the axolotl still exists in its sole habitat, a 10-square-mile region outside of Mexico City. Another survey will begin later this month in hopes that the axolotl can still be found. The scientists say it is premature to declare extinction, but things definitely aren't good. Major threat: Development. Mexico City has tapped much of the water supply in the Xochimilco region, reducing the supply available to the axolotl. Much of the region has been converted in shantytowns, and the resultant raw sewage has poisoned the remaining water. The species also faces threats from introduced species. Please Sign... They Are Critically Endangered

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