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Tell the Mexican Immigration Department to let my brother, Eugen Adrian Mateut, join my wedding

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Dear friends,

My brother, Adrian Eugen Mateut, was on his way to my wedding in Puerto Salina, Mexico, to be celebrated on October 11, 2014. He left Amsterdam on KLM flight 685 to Mexico City on October 7, 2014. The Mexican authorities wrongly detained him in Mexico City, during his layover flight to Tijuana, on the assumption that his reason for coming to Mexico is to go to the US illegally.

My brother is a Romanian citizen without a US visa, who lives legally in Germany. I am an American citizen living in Tempe, Arizona.I am a post-doctoral research associate at Arizona State University, and my husband is a professor in the Chemical Engineering Department at the same university. The ONLY reason for me having my wedding in Mexico is to be with my brother.

We made a huge emotional and financial effort, flying my old grandparents from Romanian and my mother from Germany. My cousin from New York brought his family from Romania just to be at my wedding. My husband, Cesar, brought his family from Puerto Rico. 

A group of 38 family and friends are making the effort to travel to my wedding in Mexico, and 18 of us are now in Mexico, with more to come, awaiting for the wedding ceremony, while my brother is wrongly detained in Mexico City, and about to be deported back to Germany.

Please sign my petition and tell the Mexican authorities to release my brother and to let him join my wedding. He is not just my brother, but my best friend, and I want him by my side on the most important day of my life. Please sign now, as the Mexican authorities scheduled his deportation on October 8, 2014, at 8:30 PM Mexico City time.

Your signatures will prove the Mexican authorities that you know me and my brother, and this will support them into making the right decision and allow my brother to join his family. Please help me to have my wedding as a reason to celebrate, and not to grieve for his and everybody’s pain of being wrongly detained and deported.

With Hope,

Anca Delgado, my husband, Cesar Torres, and our family and friends



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