Suspend police officers under investigation for deaths of Edson da Costa & Rashan Charles

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Suspend police officers under investigation for deaths of Edson da Costa & Rashan Charles

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Justice 4 Edson Campaign started this petition to Cressida Dick

Over the summer, two young black men, both fathers of young sons, died after contact with Metropolitan Police officers.

Edson da Costa was stopped in his car on 15 June 2017 in Custom House.  Witnesses say he was restrained by officers using a choke hold and sprayed with CS gas. He was taken straight to hospital and died after six days in a high dependency unit. He was only 25. 

Rashan Charles died in Dalston, Hackney on 22 July 2017. He was the victim of excessive and unnecessary force used by a police officer. He died after being thrown to the floor, handcuffed and 'held in a choke hold' allegedly to recover something he had swallowed.

Rashan said he knew Edson when he heard about his death. Only five weeks later, he was to suffer the same fate.

Before Edson's family were even able to bury him, his mother Manuela collapsed and tragically died in August, no longer able to cope with the death of her son:

In September 2017, the Independent Police Complaints Commission recommended the suspension of the officer involved in Rashan's death, but the Metropolitan Police have refused to comply. In October, formal notices were served on the five officers who stopped Edson, telling them they were facing an investigation for alleged misconduct. Both families have been told it may take up to a year to complete these investigations into their loved ones' deaths.

If a teacher, social worker or doctor is under investigation for causing the death of a member of the public, they almost always face suspension until enquires have concluded. This is not an admission of guilt, but a recognition and commitment that a public body understands the seriousness of actions that could have led to the loss of a life.

We cannot understand why this never happens when police officers, who have such extensive powers to use force, are involved.

Together, the Da Costa and Charles families have pleaded with London Mayor Sadiq Khan to personally intervene with the Metropolitan Police Commissioner to argue for suspending the officers under investigation for both deaths. The Mayor has not responded.

That is why we now urgently need  your help.

Please sign this petition and help us put pressure on Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick to suspend the officers immediately, until the Independent Police Complaints Commission has finished its investigation.

Thank you.

The Justice for Edson Campaign
The Justice for Rashan Charles Campaign

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This petition had 4,679 supporters