GO transit needs to offer passes or reduced rates to people commuting into Toronto

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Commuting into Toronto for work via GO transit is way too expensive. Metrolinx promotes being the "better way to travel" but it charges $11.60 per trip from Hamilton to Union Station. Even with its lousy loyalty program, where if more than 40 trips are taken per month the remaining trips are free, a regular commuter would pay more than $400 per month.

And it's not just Hamilton. Commuting from Oakville GO to Union is $7.91 per trip (almost $300 per month). Mississauga to Union via GO Bus is $8.44 per trip ($300 per month). 

These costs are astronomical. Metrolinx has been around long enough to be offering people commuting from outside the city a pass that maxs out at the same cost as a TTC Metro pass. Even with the upcoming reduction of rates for people travelling within Toronto is not enough. Every other transit search offers monthly passes. Why doesn't Metrolinx?