Improving conditions for Oshawa Go Train Parking Lot.

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Oshawa parking lot B has no easy access to the train plataforms. Users needs to walk about 1 Km to reach the train platform , users needs to cross a very dangerous bus route without traffic lights or pedestrian cross walk, walking through cars from parking lot B in a slippery ice condition in order to reach the trains on time.

We would like to have a easy access from parking lot B to trains, our suggestion :

Option A) Provide an easy access for users to reach the train platform , through the back end of the parking lot B , there is a fence right beside the train platform.

 Option B) Provide a shuttle bus for users to commute from parking lot A to parking lot B , in the pic times from 6 am to 11 am. 

Requirement : Pedestrian cross walk , and traffic light for crossing from Parking Lot B to A