Metro Before Bus (underground)

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Attention of Minister Shane Ross

I would like to bring some clarity to the debate between you Minster Ross and Eamon Ryan . I did not notice anyone else in the chamber.  The debate was about the feasibility of underground metro from Charlemont st to Rathmines, Rathgar, Terenure, Rathfarnham and the ever growing Knocklyon and maybe UCD.

Minister you repeatedly asked where would the money is going to from? Mr Ryan did not answer your question, he went off track a bit. I  have no doubt Mr Ryan had an answer and a good one because he spoke to me about it. Mr Ryan had an entrepreneurial view but he forgot to point out to you that the current underground boring machine when finished will stop and be garaged underground at its last stop Stephens green because there is a big cost to remove this machine. The cost of the Boring machine would be about €60m, what a waste, WHAT A WASTE. Why would you waste that money why?

Mr Ryan is aware that this is a once off opportunity to use the boring machine ITS FREE. See the value in his idea we cannot let this go and waste money every way. If we use the free machine we don't need all of the 2 billion for the nasty bus corridor who’s drivers will be always on strike holding us to ransom at their will like they have always done, MORE SAVINGS.

I am about to research this more but how many people as well as bikers get killed by buses, how many bus drivers have been charged in recent years for dangerous driving and killing cyclists, you’ll be shocked. There is an invitation by CBC for bikers to share the lane with buses HELLO, HELLO

The relevant Corporations of Dublin have worked hand in hand with local residents of these historical Villages and this marriage has made our Dublin Villages really spectacular and that's how we would like to keep them, not to turn them into something like runs through Stillorgan .

Copenhagen with a 602 thousand population has two

Metro M1, M2, and run 24/7

With another Metro its a circle line soon to finish 5 they will have 5 Metro’s

Dublin has I.3M pop and the proposal is Buses polluting Buses. they drive to fast, they break down, as mentioned they pollute badly. How many people will be killed this year by a bus lets start counting?

So the boring machine is almost free and will be ready to go to work underground, no big traffic problems no hold ups as such as its already in the ground. Can we just take the obvious and the one time only, free solution METRO in this case


Frank McCarthy. Terenure


Without a doubt Dublin is coming to a  standstill, it is choking on traffic we need to action this problem immediately. We all agree with this argument and it is not disputable.
There is an apparent lack of foresight in planning this solution of Bus connects. Investing €1billion in a plan that will only take us to 2025 is a waste of time, planning and money. We need to look at the bigger picture to solve our problem for the long term.

  • We all remember the m50 had to be later changed from two lanes to three lanes.
  • Remember when they put toll booths at the Lucan bridge that caused traffic jams for years.
  • Remember the toll booths they put at Tallaght only to learn they had to remove them as quickly has they were built because they were built by EU money
  • No drains were laid on the m50 forcing cars to aquaplane causing accidents

Will there be lessons from this

The biggest and most apparent flaw with the current suggestion for Bus Connect and Bus Corridor is that Jarrett Walker & Assoc in the US, did not look at the transport problem at peak times. He did not take rush our in to consideration when planning the new routes or corridors, he also based the new routes on a grid system, like a modern European or US city and as you know Dublin is far from a grid system and this raises another problem, squeezing a square box into a round hole.
His reply to the rush hour question "That is something we weren’t really trying to get right this time round,” he said.
“That’s the sort of detail that has to be worked through route by route"

Front gardens of homes on Rathfarnham Road, Templeogue Rd, Terenure Road East, Rathgar Sun Drive & Haolds Cross are also in danger from being CPO’ed

The suggested bus corridors are all leading in to bottlenecks or going over canal bridges which makes all this investment futile.
The business in all our villages are going to suffer greatly with the new proposed one way systems.


Why waste 1 billion+ on a plan that will only last 4-5 years before collapsing again, invest this money in the underground Metro NOW. This will keep cars off the road and subsequently relive the pressure on the bus service.

Ireland needs to become a nation where things get done - instead of procrastination. The cost of this congestion to the Dublin region is €350m per year currently and will rise to €2bn in 2033. Bus Connect and Bus Corridors will service the City for max 5 years, the garden CPO’S alone are costing Ireland in excess of €33 million. €1billion in total for the project and this will rise.

Why spend this money for such a short term gain, this is not future proofing our transport system, it is just a band-aid to solve a pressing issue now. MetroLink would provide the spine of a public transport network that can serve Dublin for the next 150 years.

As stated above the Department of Transport's own figures indicate that congestion in the Dublin region already costs the economy €350m every year. By 2033, the annual cost will be more than €2bn - roughly half the price of building MetroLink. DOES THAT NOT SAY IT ALL?????

The naysayers bleated loudly when we built the Port Tunnel. Public parks would disappear, they said. It won't solve the traffic problems, they said. The tunnel won't be high enough. Fast forward to today and it's impossible to quantify the huge benefits the tunnel has brought. Probably the best proof of its success is how the entire city virtually grinds to a halt on a morning or evening when the tunnel is forced to close.

The doom-and-gloom merchants chirped loudly when the red and green Luas lines were proposed - both of which are now bursting at the seams every morning and evening. Their opposition to progress in 2018 should come as no surprise.

Rather than dragging MetroLink back to the drawing board, let's get the spades and drilling machines into the ground. Let's start planning how we're going to maximise its potential. Let’s also get going on the Luas lines that have been earmarked for the likes of Bray, Lucan and Finglas. With these in place we could actually reduce the bus service and the cost of running buses, remove all congestion off the roads, free up the city from cars…....  It baffles me that this vision is not apparent to the powers that be.  Politics and hidden agendas need to be ignored on this particular problem we face. For once come together and agree the future of our country and how you SPEND OUR MONEY.

Did you ever think of asking the US what we would like as opposed to forcing an un-researched, short term, expensive, single minded, myopic plan down our necks by public conciliation after the fact? Really and truly this is not 1970’s Ireland.

We cannot sit by and let this happen. We need action!!!