Fighting for Free Tuition

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Join us at the Forum on Fighting for Free Tuition as we talk to leaders at Metropolitan State University about free tuition and what it means to us, Metro State Students.

“Student debt sits at $1.3 trillion, and the average student graduates with $28,400 in student debt. Our system of debt-based higher education is completely unsustainable, and everyone knows it.

Rising costs are preventing students of color, working class students, and students from many other marginalized groups from attaining an education. Campuses are becoming less diverse, which creates inequality inside and outside of campus. At the same time, we are facing deep social crises around racial, economic, environmental and other forms of injustice. Now more than ever, we need our universities to serve us by developing the leaders of tomorrow.

Investing in education is a proactive response to the complex dilemmas facing this country. Free Higher Education is about restoring opportunities to marginalized communities. It is about empowering the next generation of leaders to build a just and stable future.” – United States Student Association


  1. Education is a public good; it increases lifetime income, stimulates the mind, one is exposed to diversity and understanding the word.
  2. Is it impossible? It is now possible in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.  In France, public universities are free to lower income families, and higher income families only pay about $200 per year.
  3. Study from the University of Maryland shows college grads are happier and healthier overall. *better health, exercise more, smoke less, volunteer and vote more. 
  4. College graduates find more satisfaction with their jobs


  1. High tuition forces students into decades of debt.  Student debt in America exceeds credit card debt, totaling more than $1 trillion.
  2. 44 million borrowers in the US with $1.3 trillion in debt.
  3. Average student in class of 2016 had $37,172 in student loan debt. 
  4. Cost to attend a 4-year college has increased over 1,000 % since 1978, making it the most expensive in US history today.


  1. If the Nation can provide billions of dollars in subsidies to the oil and gas industry, and billions more to Wall Street, we can afford to pay for public higher education.
  2. People with more education typically can earn more and have lower likelihood of being unemployed. 
  3. Education increases ability of children to move up the economy ladder and lowers poverty rates.
  4. Education is a buffer against unemployment during economic downturns.

We now can make sure that college tuition is free for all students. If you believe that college tuition should be free for all Metropolitan State and State Colleges students then sign on the petition to support our effort! Thank you and we look forward to seeing you be a part of our movement.

Join us at the Forum on Fighting for Free Tuition as we talk to leaders at  Metropolitan State University about free tuition and what it means to us.                    

Date: April 18th, 2018

Time: 7 PM

Location: Metropolitan State University, Ball Room

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