Hit the Pause Button : No Nashville School Closures

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We are asking the school board to reconsider the abrupt closures of four traditional  public schools, including Joelton Middle School. 

We understand that MNPS, like the rest of Metro Government is facing unprecedented fiscal pressures but we believe the estimated cost savings from the forcible closures of public schools is likely exaggerated and definitely not worth the long term damage to our community. 

Whites Creek cluster parents and stakeholders have many ideas on how to efficiently and effectively redesign our schools for the future. However, we have not been afforded real opportunities to share our thoughts. 

This plan is short-sighted and inconsiderate of our children and our community.

We respectfully ask that you HIT THE PAUSE BUTTON on plans to close Joelton Middle School and other schools in order to allow for a more reasoned and thoughtful conversation about the future of our public schools.