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Metro Nashville Government’s longstanding contract with CoreCivic (formerly Corrections Corporation of America) to operate the Metro Davidson County Detention Facility is up for renewal in January.

Will you join us in calling for Metro Government to stop doing business with CoreCivic?

CoreCivic’s management of the Detention Facility has been consistently incompetent and negligent.  From questionable deaths, and outright murders, of people in their custody to infectious disease outbreaks, CoreCivic’s record of mismanagement is long and well-documented. Keeping facilities understaffed and overbooked is a core feature of their business model. It’s a model they use to run all of their facilities, including the ICE facilities they are currently operating at the US/Mexico border. Yet they have been able to negotiate lucrative contracts with Metro Government since 1992.

CoreCivic spends thousands of dollars, money collected from government contracts, our taxpayer money, in local and national politics advocating against policies which would be effective in preventing crime and thereby reducing the number of people who would potentially be incarcerated. All because that would impact their bottom line.

Do we really want our city to be associated with an entity which profits from murders, rapes and trafficking?

It is long past time for Metro Government to cut ties with a corporation which was created for the sole purpose of making profit from human misery. CoreCivic is not a responsible corporate citizen and its operations and profit-making motives are antithetical to a peaceful, healthy, and prosperous community. They have no place in our city.

Sign the petition and join your neighbors in calling for an end to Metro’s contract with CoreCivic!


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