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Metro Board of Directors: Return the G2 to Regular Service Now!

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The G2 Metrobus, which typically runs from Georgetown University to Howard/LeDroit Park via P Street, NW is an and essential transit artery for our neighborhood.

However, starting in Fall 2011, the G2 was truncated at Wisconsin Avenue, about a half-mile from the university, because of construction on O & P Streets meant to preserve unused streetcar lines and cobblestones.

In an e-mail dated June 15, 2012, Metro Director of Bus Planning James Hamre promised that the G2 would be "returned to its regular route when construction on O and P Streets is completed and the roadway is restored, which is expected to occur in Fall 2012."

The construction is now complete, but WMATA has punted on its promise to riders, pushing back the return of the bus to December 2012. If Metro couldn't deliver on its pledge back in June, who's to say that they won't continue fail riders? This is why we are standing up to demand that our transit agency fulfill its mission to provide equitable transit access to all riders!


In the meantime, riders in West Georgetown will continue to suffer the effects of this short-sighted policy:

* The typical, able-bodied passenger adds 15-20 minutes to their travel time walking to a stop further away.

* Meanwhile, seniors and passengers with disabilities must navigate the poorly-paved brick and cobblestone sidewalks getting to and from the university.

* Finally, walking to Wisconsin during the extremes of summer and winter is often very unpleasant.

More generally, the detour has left D.C.'s largest employer without a direct, reliable connection to Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, Mt. Vernon Square, Shaw, and LeDroit Park:

* The university's "GUTS" shuttle does not run after 10:30 p.m., nor on weekends during the summer. Furthermore, the shuttle has extended headways and travel times because the university sends off-peak shuttles up Wisconsin Avenue and down Massachusetts Avenue on the way to Dupont Circle.

* The D6 Metrobus is located away from the primary residential areas of campus, as it primarily serves the hospital, and it does not serve the areas east of Dupont Circle.

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