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30/1 has seen its 1st accident and COUNTLESS near misses since the start of the redevelopment of Chelmsford Drive roundabout in the beginning of January, it’s creating much confusion and needs to be addressed in regards to the flow of traffic and the introduction of portable traffic lights or improved temporary lane directions maybe an alternative solution.

Lets have a show of hands to rally together and get NSW GOV. to reconsider the altered traffic conditions.

We understand that there must be disruption to gain improvements, but there needs be alternative improvement to the current situation.    

NSW Government department Health Infrastructure NSW design and manage these roadworks for the New Maitland Hospital including an upgrade to the existing roundabout at the intersection of Metford Road and Chelmsford Drive, Metford, not council.

Council make representations to the state govt department on these matters though they can’t dictate to them.

You can call Daracon Project Manager on 49749200 with concerns.

Maitland elected Jenny Aitchison MP to represent us on matters that relate to the state government.
Her number is 49331617 and email is