Metallica to play the ENTIRE St.Anger album live for its 15 year anniversary!

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Metallica, for a number of years, has been resentful to play ANYTHING from their 2003 album "St.Anger" (has already been more than 15 years). Not their fault, as they listen to their fans' popular demands, and play the songs accordingly. I am a BIG fan that loves St.Anger very very much. The last time they played from the album, was the self-titled song "St.Anger" in Quebec city, Canada in 2015. But the year just before it (2014), they opened a "Metallica By Request". There, they had a good number of votes on the song "St.Anger" itself, and managed to be played quite a good few times throughout the tour. Though, the rest of the album, remained silent. Yes, personally, I am glad they at least did play something from the album, but I would have liked to hear songs like "Sweet Amber" (which was only played once ever. That was in 2004.) or "Shoot Me Again" (which was not played EVER live, along side others like "Invisible Kid", "My World", etc.) as well. From my experiences, St.Anger was the album that got me into loving not just Metallica, but also getting into the metal genre in its entirety. St.Anger holds a very special and very large place in my heart. It gives me the energy to work, it gives me the motivation to my art, to my ideas, to my sanity. I have been listening to it ever since I first heard it in an AMV (Animated Music Video) for Dragon Ball Z on YouTube, which was around 2006/2007. This album taught me many things. It helps me vent my anger, my frustration, my sadness. It makes it all go away just by listening to it, which motivates me to my art and animation (the stuff I tie my life into). It helps me release it all.

Onto the "fans" that dislike the album: Literally, like around 80% of them, have the same excuse to not like it. "Oh no! Not Lars' trash can!" (the "snare" drum Lars played in the recorded album with), gives me the impression that most of them are just disliking the album because others do. It caused a big chain reaction. Another is "No solos", so what? Solos do NOT fit into this album. At least not in my opinion. To me, the kind of situation Metallica was in to record this album, is just pure creativity. They don't follow "guidelines" to metal, and they don't need to. Just because of those fans, is why Metallica no longer plays anything from St.Anger. Makes me madly in anger with them. Metallica themselves love the album. (At least James Hetfield does. Evidence: Their 2014 "By Request" tour, after playing St Anger, on some occasions, James thanked the voters for picking that song.) Just again, they follow what the majority of the fans like and don't like. Maybe playing the entire album will change some of those minds, giving the underrated album a chance!

This petition is for them to play the entire album for an anniversary (or something similar), just for one time. Like they did for "Master of Puppets", the "Black Album", "Kill 'Em All". This wouldn't be just for St.Anger, this would be a stepping stone for a chance of Metallica playing the "Load" and "Reload" albums for those that love those albums. I respect those albums greatly.

I, myself, will have my way to show my love for St.Anger. This petition is for the people, by the people. My art/animation will be the larger way I will give from myself.

Thank you for those that support. Rock on!!!

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