Please continue FOOD SEVA as it used to be continued since 16 Years..

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FOOD SEVA at MET Rishikul Vidyalaya is ONE of the many beautiful practices conducted by the School.

The consumption of Food Seva has been stopped for the entire staff by our School MET Rishikul Vidyalaya because of exact unknown reasons which are understood that cannot be revealed. But because of the same a heart filling situation of discontinuing of Food Seva by entire Staff members have come up.

We urge this to not be discontinued by any means as it was always the love of many mothers while preparing the Food for the entire class of kids, entire staff including Teachers, Tai's and other staff members. It has definitely not crossed across mind of 99.99% of parents that the Food is not consumed well by own kids. It has always been a pleasure when kids come home and say that today it was my this friend/ class mate's Food Seva and it was relished. So till date we have not come across any kid saying that my Food is consumed by any Staff member.

Even if anything as such is mentioned, it is our as parents responsibility to read between lines and understand that no teacher or any staff member would ever keep kids hungry especially when the entire main reason of FOOD SEVA is to help kids learn to eat different culture food, share food and have a great bonding by this sharing.

Besides, we request to kindly also take a note, that this has lead to a lot of wastage of food. However all monitoring and new measurements will still have some wastage of Food which is a Sin by itself as MRV FOOD SEVA has also played an important part in teaching the importance of ANN DAAN.

Our main MOTTO of getting this Petition signed is to PLEASE continue the practice of FOOD SEVA the way it was going on since 16 long years for all the kids, teachers and staff members and PLEASE do not discontinue the same. And if still FOOD SEVA will be available only for Kids then kindly find a solution to do ANN DAAN of leftover Food by having a tie up with an NGO or any such Trust which could take care of Food which is left over so that the FOOD is not wasted as by the time left over food comes home, it is either smelling or spoiled. And if not spoiled, sometimes the quantity is so much that it is practically not possible to be completely consumed either.