Get Mesut Ozil to acknowledge the greatest wedding speech of all time!

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Beej Kean made in 2015 what is now known as the greatest arsenal themed wedding speech of all time.

The speech was a cleverly engineered tribute towards his favourite player  the German wizard Mesut Ozil as everybody with half a brain knows Mesut is more a magician than a wizard, as he doesn't have a beard and very rarely wears a cloak, but he can create goal scoring opportunities out of thin air.

The speech can be seen Here

All his family and friends including his wife just took this as usual Arsenal themed banter from the groom and this level of banter is something we'd all become used to, what the groom didn't expect was for the media to get hold of the story and the video to go viral.

This video has now been on every major news outlet and has been seen by millions of people around the world, but still there has been no response from Ozil himself.

This petition is to ask Mesut Ozil to make an Arsenal fans dream come true after he was included in this mans most special of days.

Any response would be sufficient a tweet, a signed shirt, a clever acknowledgment during a post match interview.

Thank you for your time

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