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I am very dissapointed that New Jersey is considering classifying cats as "wildlife" giving hunters their blessings to shoot helpless cats with guns and arrows. Bow hunting is especially cruel. Did you know there are already laws against ANIMAL CRUELTY and you cannot tell the difference between what is considered "feral" and "domestic cat" because they are the same thing. Sometimes even outdoor cats escape unintentionally and some hunter will shoot it with an arrow. "Feral cats" are often misslabeled only because the cat is frightened, not wild. These are all victims of human irresponsibility.

(1) Legalizing the hunting of cats will bring multitudes of animal cruelty investigations. This will be a huge drain on police forces across the State - each case will require thousands of dollars and hundreds of hour of police time which could have been spent on other cases such as murder and rape,  drug, violence, gang activities, and other investigations.

(2)  People's pets will get shot by guns or bow and arrows - even indoor cats sometimes wander outside. It is a certainty this will make *national news* and the State will be facing LAW SUITS for allowing this to happen, and for many people, their pet cat is no different than their own child. In the State of Florida and Georgia many people REFUSED to abandon their homes due to hurricane evacuation - they are WILLING TO DIE with their pets. So the laws had to be changed to allow pets to be evacuated. People feel that strongly toward their pet, it is a certainty the State shall get sued for allowing their cat to get shot.

(3) Legalizing cats as "wildlife" ALSO gives license to skin cats (even alive) for fur garments. Cat meat will also become a legal produce under the term "venison". Cat meat is consumed all over China (in Guangdong China, 10,000 cats are literally boiled alive DAILY for meat and fur), Swiss, Austria, and many Asian countries.) Even rare occasions  Oriental restaurants had busts serving cat meat.  This will legalize eating cat meat, which is another white meat.  Sweet and Sour kitty, compliments of the State law makers. It WILL become legal meat under "venison".

SOLUTIONS: Institute low cost/free spay neuter programs.  You can put a dollar check mark box on driver's license renewals if a person wishes to donate a dollar toward low cost and free spay/neutering. You can also collect surcharges like $15 PER CHARGE on animal cruelty/animal ordinance violations to go toward free spay/neutering.  Please see this Petition for details; other States are already doing this with a remarkable drop in killing animals - it's humane, makes sense, and everybody benefits.

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