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Safer Roads in Wimbledon & Merton - 20mph Campaign

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As a local or fellow parent in Wimbledon & Merton, you'll probably have noticed how cars, vans, lorries & motorbikes often drive too fast, too close to children, cyclists & pedestrians in our borough. Sometimes right outside nurseries & schools.

This makes it dangerous for our children to play outside, walk or cycle to school & for all road users to safely co-exist. It’s a question of when, not if, someone will be seriously or fatally injured. Let’s do something about it and make our streets safer for all!

Did you know... If a car hits a child at 40mph, they’re very likely to be killed. At 20mph, they’re only likely to be injured. Yet reducing speeds to 20mph in towns is shown to have a negligible impact on motorists’ overall journey time.

So it's time to make our roads safer & more enjoyable for everyone...

We are launching the ‘20'S PLENTY FOR MERTON’ campaign with the aim to make enforced & clearly signed 20mph limits on all residential roads & roads with large numbers of people & children walking or cycling (such as the High Streets and Wimbledon Hill Rd, Worple Road, Ridgway, Queens Rd & Alexandra Road). To make our streets safer, and healthier, for all to use together.

Many of our neighbouring boroughs (Wandsworth, Croydon & Lambeth) have already implemented 20mph across the borough – and it’s time Merton did too!

If you support this, please sign our petition for:

·        20mph limits on all residential roads in Merton

·        20pmh on all roads with a school on or nearby

·        20mph limit on all roads including high streets & main roads that have high numbers of pedestrians / children walking & cyclists all co-sharing the road area

·        20mph Signage & Illuminated Speed Warning Signs, especially on all roads near schools & nurseries (i.e. residential roads like Alwyne Rd near the town which has a school at the end)

·        Enforcement of the 20mph limit by the police and using speed cameras

·        Safer crossings for children and pedestrians, particularly on main roads near schools and nurseries (such as Wimbledon Hill Rd near Playdays nursery & Alexandra Road near Blooming Years nursery).


 Thank you for your support! You can also follow us on Twitter @20splentySW19 to stay up to date with the campaign or help spread the word #20splentySW19










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