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On November 4th, 2015, a mother received a phone call that every parent hopes to avoid and dreads. Her son was attacked at school. At loss for words, she tried to piece together exactly what happened, when it happened and how. Her son was bit by another student (special day child), "the baby" as he calls him. He was playing on the playground, where the attacker was supposed to have been watched by his caretaker, yet she was no where to be found. What may have appeared to be a minor incident, has now scarred her son for life. Diagnosed with PTSD since the incident, he constantly has flashbacks of the day where he was attacked from behind, pushed to the ground, as he could feel the teeth of the student, dig into his shoulder blade. There are only precautions one can take to avoid such a horrific experience. One being constant watch and monitor from the staff at Lietz Elementary, and second a situation like this given the attention it deserves. A million questions rushing through a parents head, where was the staff? Where was the caretaker? Why did it take hours to inform her? When principal Larry Thomas, called them and told them that her son was choked, pushed to the ground, jumped on and bite on his right shoulder blade. Her sons best friend, witnessed it and went and get help. From nurse Laura, who lied to her son and said she was applying water on the wound, yet she used a solution, to Human Resources Mary Berky, not one person has given this the attention it deserves. Her son is now horrified of nurses, doctors, so receiving treatment has become even more challenging. Mary Berky, comforted the family saying they would take care of the hospital and doctors bills, yet was unable to keep her promise. The biggest concern of all, is who is to be responsible for this incident? Is it supposed to be swept under the rug, yet this poor child’s life is forever altered? He can hardly be out in public without the image replaying in his head every time he sees or hears a child. The trauma affects him on a daily basis, has nightmares, and his mother who is trying every possible way to cope with this life changing incident. This district has been short staffed for a while and they keep cutting staff meaning less safety for our children. IT will happen again. As a country we take pride in our education system, in raising our children in such a privileged country, yet we have no guarantee what will happen to our children the moment we drop them off at school. This is unacceptable. A child's life is COMPLETELY changed because of the lack of responsibility of the school district. 

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