Reinstate the 112 Bus Service on the Wirral

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Like many residents in Spital, I was most disappointed to see the 112 bus withdrawn, to be replaced by the 84/85. The new arrangement in no way meets the needs of those who rely on the bus to get from remote areas of Spital to the shops, church, doctor or hospital appointments.

Not only is the service unreliable, often running late and leaving people waiting at the bus stop in all weathers, but sometimes it is withdrawn at certain times on school days to accommodate a contract for the school run.

The 112 was more than a bus service, it was a community all of its own. Passengers knew each other and the driver was appreciated by all. The atmosphere on the bus was always happy, and seemed to represent a great social support to those who would otherwise be isolated within their own four walls.

Now social isolation has increased, there is no service on Sunday or bank holiday and no route from Spital to Bromborough.