Justice for Andrew Jones

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On Sunday the 9th of March 2003 Andrew Jones was on a night out with family and friends, when he was separated from the group he was with.

while trying to make his way home he bumped into another group of people on a night out, Andrew accidentally bumped into a member of the other group. Andrew apologies but this wasn’t enough for them and he was punched to the ground.

While his head was turned away one of them swung a punch at him so hard it broke his jaw and he fell back and hit his head on the pavement, so hard it fractured his skull and his head started pouring with blood almost imediatly. While he was on the ground, one of them decided to give him a kick while he was laying dying.

This happened at the junction of Hanover street and Gradwell street in the Liverpool city centre.

Merseyside police know who committed the attack but won’t press charges as they say it’s down to who threw the punch. We have asked Merseyside C.P.S to charge under joint enterprises but say and I quote “It’s not in the public interest “.

There are many witnesses to the attack one only a couple of feet from the attack, At the inquest the coroner said he was in no doubt who committed he attack, but still no charges, what message does this send out.

Please bring this young man some well over due justice, before we end up a lawless country