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Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust have to keep funding EitC's Imagine Your Goals programme

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For 10 years Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust has funded Everton In The Community's Imagine Your Goals programme which is specifically for adults affected by mental ill health, every participant is referred by Mersey Care. Without the programme the participants are likely to increase their reliance on the services of the NHS for instance; more visits to GP's surgery, more visits to psychiatrists, more likely to be visited by a Community Psychiatric Nurse, an increase in medication and more likely to be hospitalised.

Over the years more than1000 people, mainly men have accessed the services and currently 200 are using the services regularly. The multi award-winning programme has been seen as the sector leader for many years and without any doubt, has not only transformed many lives it has also played a huge part in saving people's lives too. Without the regular football sessions, we will have 200 of the most vulnerable in our society feeling lost, could become isolated, possibly depressed, possibly seeking psychiatric assistance and become negative and lose hope. 

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust have made a public commitment to reduce the number of deaths by suicide to zero, how can taking away a lifesaving programme support such a claim?

The economic cost of one suicide in England & Wales is £1.7million ref;

EitC carried out a "Social Return on Investment Analysis" on 22 participants and the result highlighted that they had a Social Return of £500,000 by going back to work part or full time.

We want Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust to continue to financially support this programme as it saves so many lives, we must fight to ensure they reverse their decision to end the funding. The programme saves the NHS money due to less services being accessed by participants, by stopping the funding participants will have to rely more on NHS services costing money instead of saving money! 

I can safely say that by becoming a participant on the Imagine Your Goals programme my life completely changed, so much so that it has saved my life; I doubt very much if I would be here today if it was not for the intervention and wonderful work of EitC. I am not alone in making that statement, many others feel the same. What's more important saving lives or "supposedly" saving money?

We urge you to sign this petition to show Mersey Care that you support our fight. 

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