Expand Recycling Program for Merrickville-Wolford

Expand Recycling Program for Merrickville-Wolford

September 30, 2020
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Doug Struthers (Mayor, Merrickville-Wolford) and 4 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sustainable Merrickville-Wolford - A Potluck Action Group

There is a lot of interest on how to reduce our own ecological footprint, reduce what we are putting in landfills, reduce demand for petroleum-based plastics, and reduce the emissions generated from our landfill sites. Many of the solutions are related to reducing our waste. 

The residents and business owners of Merrickville-Wolford have been approaching us with concerns about the reduced options for recycling and waste diversion in our municipality. We are aware that at least two of our neighbouring counties, Montague and North Grenville, have recently changed contractors to Emterra Environmental, who accept a significantly broader array of items, including black plastic and cartons.

We have initiated this petition to ask the Merrickville-Wolford Council to explore ways to expand our recycling and waste diversion program for our municipality.

Please join us in asking Council to make waste diversion and management a priority for Merrickville-Wolford.

We invite you to learn more about other ways to take action - we need everyone involved in creating a sustainable future. Find us at www.sustainablemw.org 

Thank you!

Sustainable Merrickville-Wolford

PS: Our photo message (recognize anyone? :) ) is adapted from the quote: “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” Anne Marie Bonneau, Zero Waste Chef.

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Signatures: 243Next Goal: 500
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Decision Makers

  • Doug StruthersMayor, Merrickville-Wolford
  • Councillor MalloyMerrickville-Wolford Council
  • Councillor FosterMerrickville-Wolford Council
  • Councillor CameronMerrickville-Wolford Council
  • Don HalpennyMerrickville-Wolford Council