Make “Condimeat” an Official Word in the Dictionary

Make “Condimeat” an Official Word in the Dictionary

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The world has waited long enough. Calling all carnivores, meat lovers, and flavor gurus -- we’re launching a petition to have the word “Condimeat” officially added to the dictionary. We’re looking at you, Merriam-Webster!

For decades, people have been left to wonder what to call meat on meat… Now introducing: “Condimeat.”

Con·di·meat (ˈkändəmēt) n. The additional protein on top of an already protein-packed, 100% black angus charbroiled beef burger; served this way such that the burger’s colossal flavor is amplified, augmented, and accentuated. Examples: bacon, pork, and PASTRAMI.

Merriam-Webster, you’ve added “Hangry.” “Marg.” “Zuke.” “Guac.” “Zoodles.” It’s time to give the people what they want. It’s time for “Condimeat.”

Sign the petition, let Merriam-Webster know how you feel, and join the “Condimeat” movement.

Let’s get “Condimeat” in the dictionary!