Change the plural of 'moose' to 'meese'!

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For years, people have wondered why the plural of fish is fish, sheep is sheep, and moose is moose. Since moose rhymes with goose, and the plural of goose is geese, I propose that the official plural of moose is changed from moose to meese. This would make a lot more sense in English, and honestly the word meese is pretty cool. This would also mean changing the name of baby meese to moslings, as baby geese are called goslings. Please sign this petition to enlighten the world the the new way of the english language, and so we can get the dictionaries of this world to listen to the people. The rules of english doesn't make a lot of sense all the time, but this way we can make it make sense just a tiny bit more. One last time I bid you, please sign this today to make a world-changing event happen. Thank you.

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