Add The Phrase "Fourth Trimester" To All Dictionaries

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I’m Nana Eyeson-Akiwowo and I’m Marcia Cole. We’re the co-founders of Fourth Phase, a social impact maternal wellness company that creates gift boxes to help new mothers heal, feel, and be heard during their fourth trimester.

Joining us are Kristen Wade and Sami Amundsen, the co-founders of Birth Halo, which connects new parents to experts by curating services that support mind, body, and the new baby during the fourth trimester.

One of the questions we are asked the most is “What is the Fourth Trimester? The term is known in the medical field but has yet to take root as a common phrase amongst everyday citizens. One of the reasons we believe is that the term is not in the dictionary. For those who do not know, the fourth trimester technically refers to the first 12 weeks post-delivery of a new baby and lasts up to one year after a woman has a child.

What happens during the fourth trimester is critical to the physical, mental, and emotional health of a mother as it impacts every part of her being.  She is at her most vulnerable, physically and mentally during her journey back to normal. During this time, every new mother experiences a wide variety of emotions at various stages of her recovery. 

This period of her motherhood journey deserves specialized attention and care.

That's why we want to normalize the phrase "fourth trimester."

The irony is that the fourth trimester is the least discussed between expectant mothers and their OB-GYNS and odd enough, between other moms. This leaves new, expectant mothers completely unprepared about what they will need to take care of themselves--physically and mentally.

That’s why we want the "fourth trimester" to become a natural and frequent part of every conversation surrounding maternal health.

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For moms everywhere, we thank you!--Xoxo, Nana, Marcia, Kristen + Sami