Proposal for direct flight between San Francisco, USA and Rome, Italy

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San Francisco is one of America's most vibrant cities, it truly is unique in January with its hilly terrain, scenic beauty, finest restaurants, hippy cultures, and different crowd. Visitors from around the world fall in love with San Francisco's endless charm after just one visit. It is no wonder That it is amongst Voted "America's Favorite Cities" by readers of Condé Nast Traveler year in, year out.Everyone should visit San Francisco at least once in a lifetime!In addition to it's beautify and touristic attractions, San Francisco is the titan of technology. Number of highly publicized start-ups like Twitter, Square, and Pinterest are located in the heart of urban San Francisco. San Francisco has the social and cultural structure for high-tech innovation and venture capital-backed start-up activity.

Many European countries offer direct flight to San Francisco, but as of now, there are no direct Flights between San Francisco and Italy.This petition is to propose a direct flight between San Francisco, CA, USA and Rome, Italy as there are many reasons to Establish a direct route between These two amazing cities.

Rome is one of the dream destinations in the world! It is the capital of the old Roman Empire and the capital of the Catholicism in the World. The combination of These pillars makes Rome one of the biggest centers for Art and History in the World.There is beauty in each corner, in each restaurant, and in each street. With so many beautiful landmarks, Rome is a walking museum!Just remember Travi fountain and La Dolce Vita!

Having a direct route between these two amazing cities would make it easier for Californians and Italians to appreciate what each city can offer to its tourists. Currently one has to make a stop over at a hub and change planes, this really adds hassle to travel and travel time.There are many Italians who live in San Francisco, and many Californians who live in Italy and this will allow them to visit family and loved ones easier and more frequently.  Secondly, there are having a direct route, will allow easier and business collaboration between companies and research institutes as we move toward globalization in the area of ​​research and technology.  Lastly, there are many who come to participate on American in study abroad and Erasmus programs in Italy or just come to learn the beautiful Italian language. Having a direct flight would Provide an easier channel for this wonderful cultural exchange.

These are only a subset of many Reasons Why Should airlines offer a direct route between San Francisco and Rome. After all it is Been said that "All roads to Rome ends".

So please sign this petition and share it with your friends and ask them to sign this petition. Together we can make this happen!

Thank you in advance for your help.

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