Deny the Costco project, follow the Comprehensive Plan and protect N. Meridian and Chinden

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PETITION: Deny the commercial Costco project and protect North Meridian from highly intensive commercial development. 

We, the undersigned respectfully, but strongly ask our elected and appointed officials of the City of Meridian, Mayor Tammy, and the City Council to:

DENY the Lost Rapids H-2018-0004 application:

  • Deny Annexation
  • Deny the change to the future land use map designations
  • Restore the Meridian City Comprehensive Plan, and all of its dependent associated requests for the parcels at the south west corner of Chinden Blvd and Ten Mile Road.

We believe the proposed changes are NOT in the best interest of the City of Meridian and would adversely affect the quality of life of its citizens and those of neighboring communities, and would negatively impact city and state economics:

Costco is a regional destination business, and will create multiple transportation issues:

o   This business will generate 11,000 new trips to this site, which requires traffic mitigation. If the developer built what that parcel was designated to be by the Comprehensive Plan (MU-C), widening Chinden to support those businesses would likely not be needed.

o   Costco is NOT paying for the improvements – it is a temporary loan, that is paid back with our sales tax dollars, with interest – money which is removed from our local economy, including schools, parks, fire, and police.

o   The traffic flow proposed directs a large portion of the traffic onto Lost Rapids, a residential collector street which contains a park, a safety concern for our kids.

o   More than 20 semi-truck trips per day (100+ trips per week) will go up and down the length of Ten Mile Rd, which is not a dedicated freight corridor. This is compared to a typical big box like Lowe's that has 5 to 6 trips per week.

o   The two existing Costco stores are properly located in industrial and commercial areas – this was done for a reason, intensity of use at these sites.

o   Chinden Blvd is a designated expressway- this cannot happen when variances to allow traffic at random intervals to occur.

o   Approving the variance will only set a precedent that will make Chinden worse, not better. 

Direct impact on thousands of Bainbridge, Spurwing, Irvine Meadows, Silverleaf, Olive Tree, and surrounding homeowners:

Noise. Early hours truck delivery from 20 trucks does not belong in a residential neighborhood. This is on top of the noise that will come from motors and fans on the giant industrial building.

Gas station impact. 75 idling cars in the middle of a residential neighborhood is a huge pollution impact, a visual blight, and a safety hazard.

Safety. Children of Bainbridge have welcomed the new Keith Bird park, but due to this development, their free play is threatened.

Overcrowding. The Costco proposal would eliminate the opportunity to make this corner a truly mixed-use community development with appropriately scaled resources and amenities that many community members could walk to and enjoy and be an asset to the city.

Property values. While some potential home buyers might like the convenience of having Costco close by, we believe the negatives would greatly outweigh the positives for buyers. We have already heard from realtors of the loss of sales of several homes in these neighborhoods due to even the thought of a Costco going in.

Costco environmental violations are a concern in a residential neighborhood that will soon contain two new schools:

  • Freon released at over ½ of their U.S. facilities – EPA fined
  • Fined for inappropriate handling of drugs – EPA fined 11.7 million
  • Dumping of hazardous wastes – EPA fined
  • 39 violations can all be viewed at

Costco will not bring the jobs we have been told:

  • While Costco quotes an average wage of $40,000 per year, the reality is that a small handful of employees make higher wages, while the majority make $20 to $25K per year – this is not a living wage and not enough to buy a home in most of Meridian.
  • This site is not designated as an “employment center” per the city plan.

Ignoring the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning, places all Meridian homeowners at risk:

  • It allows developers to make the own plans, and ignore your rights to private enjoyment of your home.
  • It doesn’t matter if homeowners adjacent checked the plan or not, what the applicant is asking is exponentially larger than what was planned which negatively affects us all.
  • You have a right to peaceable enjoyment of your property, and this project impedes on that right.

Threat to the integrity of the City planning process:

o  Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map. The City of Meridian states explicitly that a goal of the Comprehensive Plan is to “sustain, enhance, promote and protect elements that contribute to the livability and a high quality of life” for Meridian residents. We believe the current plan is a good one that supports this goal and the city should adhere to is. What value is such a plan if it can be altered as drastically as the developers are asking?

o  The future of North Meridian. Far from being opposed to commercial development, we welcome it. Most of us would love to see a greater variety of small-scale stores, restaurants, services, and family-owned businesses in a pleasant, attractive setting that we could walk, bike or drive to. If the City approves this application as submitted, the message will be loud and clear to future developers that years of city planning can be brushed aside without concern for the “high quality of life” we have been promised.

Join your neighbors in calling for the developers, Brighton & GFI, and Meridian City Officials to support and uphold the Meridian Comprehensive Plan, and work with the community to develop a mixed used community (MU-C) development that will be an asset to the neighborhood and city, and is in the best interests of all. Thank you.