U of T’s Reopening Plan is NOT Safe Enough. We Need to Take Fall 2020 Online.

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Listen to Science: Panel Monday, 24 August, 5-7 pm

Hi everyone, 

We now have more than 6,500 signatures on our petition to pause the reopening and take Fall 2020 online, so I wanted to write with an update. 

Thanks to your support, we have seen some movement from U of T. The University developed a new mask-wearing policy and guideline. Also, its largest Faculty (the Faculty of Arts and Science) allowed Faculty and other kinds of Lecturers to take their in-person classes online. 

However, our core concerns remain. U of T’s reopening plans are based on incomplete and outdated science. In addition, U of T’s case-by-case approach to the implementation of these plans creates or entrenches a number of equity issues; for example, the University still won’t give Teaching Assistants and others the choice to take their work online.

Why won’t U of T #listen2science? We’re not sure. (Probably profits over people, the usual business.) But, we do know that you all are eager to hear from the experts and work towards a #safeseptember.

This Monday, join leading epidemiologists from U of T's own School of Public Health to learn about the latest science on COVID-19 and hear their concerns with U of T's reopening plan.

#Listen2science: Monday, 24 August, 5-7pm. Click here for more info and to register now!

In solidarity,


Amy Conwell, Chair, CUPE 3902
11 months ago