Freezing Tuition for International Students at the University of Toronto During Covid-19

Freezing Tuition for International Students at the University of Toronto During Covid-19

May 29, 2020
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Why this petition matters

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Covid-19, a highly infectious respiratory disease is threatening humanity. This is an extraordinary time that requires adjustments and special considerations. Some measures go entirely beyond the students' control, and they need to seriously be addressed. With classes happening on an online basis and all facilities being closed, and therefore, a lower cost for the institution to operate as a whole, this is the ideal time for the university to support its International Students by waiving/reducing part of the tuition for the terms yet to begin, his includes recognizing that the tuition fees for international students at the University of Toronto need to be adjusted from the proposed increase outlined in the Tuition Fee Schedules for 2020-2021 issued by the University Planning and Budgeting Office on March 18, 2020

Link for the published International Tuition Fee Schedule:

Despite that International Students must demonstrate proof of appropriate funds to obtain their visa, the impact that this crisis has been applying on both students and their families supporting them from their home countries makes the situation a lot more delicate and in need of special considerations. As a matter of facts:

  1. Currencies of various countries have been devaluating at an alarming speed as we speak.
  2. Many international students' families are experiencing job loss and business shutdowns and thus, not generating positive cash flow to support their students who live abroad.
  3. Students who rely on part-time jobs to assist in the expensive international funding are no longer able to support themselves due to business closures inside of Canada. 

Some may suggest that students should unenroll in courses to lessen the financial burden. Unfortunately, for many students, this is simply not feasible due to the nature of their student visas which are assigned for a specific amount of time. Many students need to enroll in summer & fall courses to graduate on time.

The world has changed from when the Administration at the University of Toronto first issued the Tuition Fee Schedule in March 2020. Considering the changes which have occurred over the past a few months, we believe that appropriate adjustments and special considerations must be made. Therefore, we are bringing forward one request to the University.

  1. Tuition freeze for all undergraduate international students at all three campuses for Fall 2020 and Winter 2021.

Students are bearing the burden of heightened levels of anxiety and overall poor mental health due to the current circumstances and accompanying financial struggles. 

Adjustments to the tuition for international students at the University of Toronto would help these students enormously.

Let's fight with Covid-19 together! 

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Signatures: 6,525Next Goal: 7,500
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