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Stop Injuring Innocent Pets With Toxic Drugs

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Our kitten, Fannie Fae, was terribly hurt by a toxic Rabies vaccine manufactured by Merial. This rabies vaccine contains thimerasol, which is nearly 50% mercury. Mercury is an extremely toxic heavy metal. This story has repeated itself over and over with both cats and dogs.

Our little cat was always playing, chasing things and was very happy and independent. Shortly after recieving her mandatory rabies vaccine, she began going downhill fast. Now she must be force-fed many times per day, and cannot walk. She has lost all desire to play and is moody and depressed. We've traced the evil down to the rabies vaccine she recieved, which was manufactured by Merial.

The purpose of this petition is to get the attention of the folks at Merial and get them to reconsider their destructive vaccine ingredients.

If this is successful, It could potentialy help save the lives and health of thousands of precious pets.

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