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Save Rogers funny hats!

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I need to start by saying Roger Copp has a heart of gold. He has helped myself and my family in times of need out of the goodness of his heart, and I am unsure how many others he has extended his hand to. He is a sweet man, husband, father, stepfather and grandfather. My children look forward to seeing him directing traffic at our local school, every day.

My child is a Kindergartener and loved to see the funny hats that Roger, a.k.a “Coach” would wear in the mornings. He had been wearing a different funny hat every few days, because he wanted to give the kids a smile and some laughs before they headed in for the day. One day he was a chicken. Then, the chef from the muppets. Another day, I believe it was a Mickey hat.

Our local law enforcement is also present during drop offs in the morning, directing traffic or dropping off children of their own.

Tuesday morning we got to school and Roger was not himself. There was no funny hat, and there was a sad dejectedness to him that I have not seen before. My child instantaneously asked me, “whats wrong with coach? Where is his hat?”

Roger was told that his hats and waving to the children, just to give them a smile and make them laugh, was “tomfoolery”, and there was “no place for that here”.

I am confused about which “tomfoolery” they speak of.

Is it the (no less than) four meth heads I bump into on my way to the gas station?
Is it the man shooting up in broad daylight at our local park and subsequently leaving his used needles behind?
Is it the drug dealers walking the sidewalks with backpacks waiting for their next victim?
Is it the man snorting God knows what off a CD case in the front seat of his car, not caring who sees?
Or the woman overdosed in her vehicle in public parking areas?
The drug addicts nodding off on themselves in the grocery line while their children tug on their hands to wake them up?
The teenagers obviously driving around dealing drugs all day after school lets out?
The people breaking into our vehicles in public parking while we work for a living?

The only tomfoolery here would be the actions of Meredith PD. I could understand if they asked him not to cover his face, because it’s 2017 and people are scary now, but to tell him his “tomfoolery” has no place here?

This is a man who was only trying to make our kids smile and laugh on their way into school. Genuinely trying to do a little bit of good every day, just because it’s good for the soul. It is shameful and almost an obscene abuse of power to come down on this man for making our children smile when they have undoubtedly worse problems to worry about that seem to go unnoticed.

Since living in this town, I have seen meth, which I have never seen before. I have found needles on playgrounds while my children play. I have seen drug deals in broad daylight. I have seen people overdosed in their vehicles.

I started this petition because for Gods sake, let Roger wear his hats and worry about the real issues at hand. He is doing nothing but making our children, including the children of our police officers, smile and laugh on their way to learn. They should be cracking down on drug addicts and the horrific meth problem this town has instead of harassing this poor sweet man over the silly hats he wears and waving to kids in the morning, which I might add, is almost literally his duty for that hour.

The kids love seeing his smile and hats and antics, and I think speak for all the moms and dads when I say it’s a breath of fresh air to get to school most likely exhausted with somewhat cranky children and see that Coach has plenty of smiles to hand out.

Thank you for reading. Please sign, or share, or just think about it all.

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