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clemency from the President

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My story: How much time should a man be sentenced to for committing a string of robberies.six of them over a short amount of time ,three weeks .Lets say  that this man has never been to prison before .He has recently exited the army.he is young has a  job and children recently divorced.he used a gun to commit the robberies but no-one was shot or seriously injured by the weapon.Just how much time should he be sentenced?5 years 10 years Maybe 20 ? Is what he needs to learn his lesson .Whatever you think he should have gotten ,read this story and tell me you are not appalled by our justice system .My name is James Hicks , and i am currently incarcerated in a federal prison for a term of 112 1/2 years i was charged and convicted for obstructing delaying and /or affecting interstate commerce by committing six (6) robberies ,six counts of possessing a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence .I was sentenced to 7 1/2 years for each of the robberies type charges altogether,that run together.I was sentenced to 105 years in prison for simply possessing the firearm during the each robbery .The first gun conviction carried 5 years while all the last carried 20 years a piece.These sentences ran consecutive to one another, meaning 5+20+20+20+20+20=105.This is my first time ever being convicted of a felony.I have no prior convictions .when i was convicted of these crimes i was 24 years old and had recently gotten out of the army a year and a half earlier .All of this happened 19 1/2 years ago in November of 1997,which means i have now been incarcerated for almost 20 years .No -one was seriously hurt or died as a result of my actions .I deeply regret the decisions i made 19 1/2 years ago that have had a major effect on the lives of so many others .I apologize for my actions and hope and pray that all those involved have healed from any and all harm that was done.i believe that my prison record reflects the results of changes made in my life style and thoughts and how i have grown from the man i was  at that time.

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