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Dump Your Client Dictator Gen. Museveni, Who Once Praised Hitler-- Return $600,000 To Uganda's Children

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Dear Mr. Kirill Goncharenko,

Please return the $600,000 that could have gone to Uganda's hospitals and schools, paid to your company for PR work by Uganda's corrupt dictator of 28 years Gen. Yoweri Museveni.

Many Ugandan hospitals lack medicines and some patients who can't pay are even left to die as a Ugandan publication, The Observer, reported and a simple Google search will show.

Uganda's dictator Gen. Museveni has ruled by the barrel of a gun and divide-and-rule hate campaigns for 28 years.

His army has invaded neighboring Congo causing the deaths of millions and much destruction and was ordered to pay $6 billion to $10 billion.

United Nations investigations found that Uganda's and Rwanda's armies committed war crimes in Congo including massacres.

Early this year he declared that Gays were "disgusting" prompting a 10-fold increase in attacks against Uganda's LGBT community when he signed the anti-Homosexuality act, The Guardian reported.

Gen. Museveni's resume is filled with hateful statements: He once said "Hitler was a smart guy, but I think he went a bit too far by wanting to conquer the world” and told The Atlantic Magazine in September 1994 “I have never blamed the whites for colonizing Africa: I have never blamed these whites for taking slaves. If you are stupid, you should be taken a slave.”

He doesn't care that Uganda's hospitals have no medicines and schools lack books, so long as he maintains his opulent life-style. In 2011 the U.K.'s The Daily Mail reported that he diverted $50 million in foreign aid money to purchase a private Gulfstream Jet.

In 2012 the U.K. cut off foreign aid to Gen. Museveni's regime due to corruption and embezzlement.

Now Gen. Museveni has diverted $600,000 of Ugandan tax-payers' money that should go to Uganda's hospitals and schools, to pay Mercury llc, an American PR agent, to "spin" positive tales about his regime.

But no amount of purchased "stories" can save this politically and morally bankrupt regime. Its true MO -- bigotry, tyranny, militarism, and hood-winking the global community-- have been exposed.

Mercury's President Kirill Goncharenko don't associate your company's brand with a sinking ship. This is a man who once praised Hitler and denigrated the painful and still enduring legacy of Slavery.

Do the right thing: Cancel the contract and return the money so it can be used for Uganda's children in the hospitals and schools.

Dump Museveni, Save the Children.


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