Stop the HPV VACCINE. It killed my son!

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My 14 year old son received the 1st dose of the deadly and useless HPV VACCINE on June 29th 2018. And after only 46 days later, he passed away August 14th 2018. We took him to our local ER on the night of August 8th. They did some testing for any virus or infection and all blood work came back negative. The Dr's suggested my son be moved to Children's Hospital in Iowa City. It was there that the Dr's discovered my son had encephalitis. The Neurologist then came in and diagnosed him with ADEM DISEASE which is short for (acute demyelinating encephalomyelitis, it is a rare autoimmune disease marked by a sudden, widespread attack of inflammation in the brain and spinal cord). Adem disease, paralysis, seizures, headaches and etc. From that point on my son spiraled downhill fast. He then went into respiratory failure, paralysis to the left side of his body, then started having seizures. He was being treated with extremely high doses of steroids to combat the swelling in his brain. His case was so severe at this point that they had no other choice but to perform a craniotomy on the right side of his skull to help with brain swelling. His brain continued to swell and he ended up having a brain herniation. He was pronounced brain dead on August 14th 2018. My son was only 14 years old, bright, smart, handsome, an awesome baseball player. He was on the honor roll and just 2 days from starting high school. He died as a direct result of the HPV VACCINE. My son should have never been given this medicine as he has NO CERVIX! This drug has not been proven to prevent prevent cervical cancer. Japan removed this drug in 2014 from the mandatory schedule because of so many adverse reactions. My son Christopher Bunch and another child named Colton Berrett both died as a result of the HPV VACCINE. There are hundreds of other children that have died and thousands more that have been injured. Please sign this petition to stop this vaccine from becoming mandatory in all states.