Fair pricing of 'Trientine Hydrochloride', drug used in the treatment of Wilson's disease

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Wilson's is a rare autosomal recessive disorder affecting one in 30,000 Americans, characterized by deposition of copper in various organs of the body such as the liver, brain, uterus, and eye due to a mutation in the ATP7B gene, and if left untreated can lead to liver failure, neuro-psychiatric disturbances and even death.

The treatment involves therapy with drugs such as Zinc and Penicillamine. Zinc is a weak chelator of copper and Penicillamine is known to be intolerable - causes adverse reactions in most patients. The drug Trientine Hydrochloride, is the sole lifesaving alternative for patients suffering from WIlson's disease, it is the most  efficacious drug with fewer adverse effects.

In the past Trientine was  available at $1 per pill and the price drastically increased to $250 a pill. This has led to unavailability of Trientine at an affordable price and leaves the Wilson's sufferer's with no other alternative.

Sign this petition to make Trientine affordable to people suffering from Wilson's disease.